Rajarshi Janak University Tech Launch: Paving the Digital Pathway

We are delighted to share the incredible success of our recent Tech Launch event, held on December 24, 2023. The occasion marked a significant milestone in our journey toward becoming a Digital University, and we are excited to recap the key highlights for those who may have missed this groundbreaking event.

Celebrating the Digital Milestone: The highlight of the event was the official launch of our university website, rju.edu.np, symbolizing our entrance into the digital era. The website, a product of collective effort and vision, is now live and accessible to all. It serves as a gateway to our digital transformation.

Insights from Software Engineer, Rabin Panthi: Software Engineer cum Consultant to RJU, Rabin Panthi, delivered an enlightening presentation titled “Roadmaps for ICT Development in RJU.” His insights provided a roadmap for our ICT development, offering valuable perspectives on strategies that will shape our technological future.

Unveiling the Vision Paper and IT Policy Guidelines: Our Chief Guest and Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Amar Prasad Yadav, officially unveiled the Vision Paper for ICT Development. This document outlines our transformative journey toward becoming a Digital University by 2082. Alongside this, the release of our IT Policy Guidelines and Strategies for 2023 provides a strategic framework for navigating the digital landscape.

Engagement and Interaction: The interactive session and Q&A provided a platform for participants to engage with our speakers, fostering insightful discussions. The audience actively participated, showcasing their enthusiasm for embracing our digital initiatives.

Closing Thoughts: As the event concluded, Registrar Mr. Satya Narayan Sah delivered closing remarks, highlighting the profound importance of IT in RJU’s future. He expressed gratitude to all participants, speakers, and our Chief Guest for their valuable contributions to the success of the event.

Embracing the Digital Future: This event was not just a launch; it was a celebration of our commitment to a digital future. We invite you to explore our new website, stay updated with our digital initiatives, and join us as we collectively embrace the promise of a digital tomorrow.

Thank you for being part of this historic moment.

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