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Detail About How To Apply

Embarking on the journey to join Rajarshi Janak University is a multi-faceted process. The university issues a call for admissions, marking the commencement of applications. Subsequently, applicants undergo an entrance exam, followed by an interview that delves into their aspirations and alignment with the university’s values. A merit list is then published, highlighting successful candidates, and detailed results are made public. 

Those who secure a place move on to the final step – the formal admission process. This involves submitting necessary documents and completing paperwork, solidifying enrollment at Rajarshi Janak University. For specific timelines and guidance, consult our academic calendar, and our admissions office stands ready to assist and address queries at every stage of the application process.

The Application Process


Call for Admission

Keep an eye out for our official call for admissions, where we announce the opening of application submissions for various programs.


Entrance Exam

As part of the admission process, applicants are required to take an entrance exam. The examination is designed to assess your aptitude and readiness for the chosen program.



Successful candidates from the entrance exam phase will be invited for an interview. This step allows us to understand your goals, aspirations, and how well you align with the values of Rajarshi Janak University.


Publication of Merit List

 Following the completion of entrance exams and interviews, the university will publish a merit list, showcasing the candidates who have excelled in the admission process.


Gather Documents

Securing admission at Rajarshi Janak University involves a crucial step: gathering your original documents. Once accepted, promptly compile and submit the required documents, such as academic transcripts and identification proof, for thorough verification.



 Congratulations to the successful candidates! Upon the publication of the results, the next step is the formal admission process. This involves submitting necessary documents, completing paperwork, and finalizing enrollment at Rajarshi Janak University.

Things To Know First

Before applying for admission at Rajarshi Janak University (RJU), here are key things to consider:

  • Program Requirements:Familiarize yourself with the specific academic and admission requirements for the program you are interested in.
  • Application Deadlines: Be aware of the application deadlines to ensure your submission is timely and meets the university's admission timeline.
  • Entrance Exam Details: Understand if the program requires an entrance exam, and if so, familiarize yourself with the exam details, format, and any preparation needed.
  • Document Checklist: Prepare a checklist of required documents for submission, including academic transcripts, certificates, identification proof, and any additional materials specified by the university.
  • Financial Considerations: Explore tuition fees, available scholarships, and any financial aid options to plan for the cost of your education.

When To Apply?

Level Application Deadline Class Starts
Bachelor Level July 15- August 31 September 15
Master’s Level November 10- December 23  January 15

Apply today before it gets late

Explore a diverse range of programs tailored to match your passion at Rajarshi Janak University. Whether your interests lie in Agriculture, Arts, Ayurveda, Eastern Philosophy, Education, Forestry, Law, Management, Science, Technology, Tourism, or other subjects, we have a program that aligns with your aspirations.

Don’t miss the chance to turn your passion into a meaningful academic journey—apply now and embark on a path of discovery and excellence at Rajarshi Janak University.