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Office of the Registrar

The Registrar, as a key figure in university administration, oversees the maintenance of academic records, course registration, and the implementation of university policies.

With a commitment to providing excellent service to students, faculty, and staff, the Office of the Registrar is dedicated to facilitating a seamless academic experience. Whether it’s handling enrollment procedures, managing examination processes, or coordinating official documentation, the office works diligently to uphold the integrity and accuracy of academic records.

In essence, the Office of the Registrar at RJU serves as a hub of academic operations, fostering a culture of efficiency, transparency, and accountability. It plays a crucial role in supporting the university’s mission to provide transformative and accessible education to all members of the RJU community.


Dear Members of the Rajarshi Janak University Community,

It is both an honor and a privilege to extend my greetings as the Registrar of our esteemed institution. The Office of the Registrar at Rajarshi Janak University is committed to providing exemplary service and ensuring the seamless functioning of academic processes.

As the custodian of academic records and policies, I encourage each student to embrace the wealth of opportunities available here. The Office of the Registrar is dedicated to assisting you throughout your academic journey, from enrollment to graduation. Feel free to reach out with any queries or concerns, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Together, let us foster an environment of academic excellence, transparency, and shared responsibility. I look forward to working collaboratively with each one of you to contribute to the continued success and growth of Rajarshi Janak University.

Best regards,

Mr. Satya Narayan SahRegistrar