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Examination Committee

The Examination Committee at Rajarshi Janak University serves as a crucial body overseeing the academic evaluation processes, ensuring integrity, fairness, and adherence to established standards. Chaired by the Registrar, the committee comprises esteemed members representing diverse facets of the university community.

Committee Composition:

  • Chairman (Ex-Officio): Registrar As the Chairman of the Examination Committee, the Registrar provides leadership and strategic direction, ensuring that examinations align with the university’s academic policies.

  • Members:

    • All Deans from various faculties contribute their expertise to ensure that the examination procedures are in harmony with the academic requirements of their respective disciplines.
    • A Campus Chief, representing the perspectives of the campus administration, contributes valuable insights to the committee’s deliberations.
    • A dedicated Lecturer adds a faculty perspective, offering input on the ground-level dynamics of the examination process.
  • Member Secretary: Exam Controller The Exam Controller serves as the Member Secretary, responsible for the day-to-day coordination, communication, and implementation of the decisions made by the committee. They play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth conduct of examinations, including scheduling, logistics, and result publication.

Message from Exam Controller

Dear Students,

As the Exam Controller of Rajarshi Janak University, I extend my best wishes to each of you as you navigate through the upcoming examinations. Our Examination Committee, in collaboration with faculty and administrators, is dedicated to ensuring a fair and seamless examination process.

Please remember that your hard work and dedication will shine through during these assessments. If you encounter any challenges or have concerns, feel free to reach out. We are here to support you on your academic journey.

I wish you success and confidence during the examinations.

Best regards,

Dr. Ratnesh Kumar Karna

Exam Controller
Rajarshi Janak University

Roles and Responsibilities: The Examination Committee plays a critical role in formulating and reviewing examination policies, overseeing the creation of question papers, ensuring the security and confidentiality of examination materials, and reviewing the evaluation and grading processes. The committee works collaboratively to address any challenges or concerns related to examinations and continually seeks to enhance the overall effectiveness and fairness of the evaluation system.

As a collective force, the Examination Committee at Rajarshi Janak University is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of academic rigor and assessment, contributing to the academic integrity and reputation of the university.