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Rajarshi Janak’s History

Founded in October 2017 by the legislature-parliament, Rajarshi Janak University stands as a testament to Nepal’s commitment to advancing education, particularly in the Madhesh Province. The university’s establishment was formalized through the passage of a bill. Nestled in the cultural heart of Janakpur, the institution draws its name from the esteemed King Janak, a legendary figure in Mithila. This naming reflects a deep connection to the region’s rich heritage, symbolizing a commitment to preserving and advancing traditional values within a contemporary educational framework.

The university’s infrastructure is a blend of collaborative efforts and independent initiatives. While some facilities were provided by Tribhuvan University based on governmental decisions, Rajarshi Janak University has taken strides in establishing its own infrastructure. This strategic combination reflects the institution’s dedication to academic autonomy and self-sufficiency, ensuring a holistic approach to educational development and fostering a dynamic environment for both faculty and students.


Rajarshi Janak University is committed to fostering an inclusive and transformative learning environment that empowers individuals to excel academically, ethically, and socially. Our mission is to provide holistic education, integrating traditional wisdom with modern knowledge, and to cultivate graduates who are not only proficient in their respective fields but also possess a deep sense of responsibility, ethical conduct, and social awareness. Through cutting-edge research, innovative teaching methodologies, and a dedication to social responsibility, we strive to contribute meaningfully to local, national, and global communities.


Our vision at Rajarshi Janak University is to be a beacon of academic excellence, recognized globally for our commitment to holistic education, research, and community engagement. We envision a university where students are inspired to become leaders and innovators, grounded in the values of excellence, freedom, responsibility, and ethical conduct. With a focus on co-existence, creativity, and environmental responsibility, we aspire to shape individuals who contribute positively to the ever-evolving needs of society.



The overarching goal of Rajarshi Janak University is to emerge as a dynamic center for learning and research, fostering an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and innovation. We aim to continually enhance our academic programs, ensuring relevance to the evolving needs of various industries and society at large. Our goal is to expand access to quality education, promote interdisciplinary collaboration, and contribute significantly to the sustainable development of our nation and beyond. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to democratic participatory governance, we strive to achieve academic excellence while upholding the values that define our institution.

A Spectrum of Academic Excellence Under the Authority of Rajarshi Janak University Act

As per the provision of the Act, this University has the authority to provide a wide range of education, viz. Agriculture, Arts, Ayurveda, Eastern Philosophy, Education, Forestry, Law, Management, Medical Science, Science, Technology, Tourism, and other subjects.

Nurturing Holistic Excellence for a Global Tomorrow

RJU, being a multidisciplinary educational institution, is a base for the development of human resources reflecting the local, national, regional, and global perspective of balanced and contemporary human life in harmony with a holistic environment.

To produce graduates with integrated individuality having eastern wisdom of spirit and skillful knowledge of modern science and technology, RJU is engaged to inherit traditional knowledge of perennial value, gain an understanding of the contemporary real world, and equip with constructive insight, ability, and skill for better flourish and survival. University is dedicated to developing a transformative learning culture of achievement and excellence by promoting an efficient and effective world-class education (teaching-learning, research, and extension activities) and training system that is inclusive integrated, comprehensive, and holistic. In line with the national education policy, RJU is committed to ensuring learning opportunities are accessible to all, providing learners with values and skills to further their personal growth, enhance their critical and exploratory thinking, encourage them to innovate and to adapt the changes in an increasingly globalized environment for the socioeconomic and sustainable development of the nation. To make education productive and relevant, RJU is collaborating with government agencies, social institutions, industries, and educational institutions of repute.

Pioneering Excellence Through Values, Innovation, and Responsible Governance

Excellence, Freedom and Responsibility, Co-existence and Inter-dependence, Creativity, Innovation, Social Responsibility, Ethical Conduct, Environmental Responsibility, Authenticity and Truthfulness, and the Democratic Participatory Governance embrace a set of core values that supports RJU as a guiding principle to pursue the mission.

In its two and half years of journey, many distinct start-up efforts such as the formation of a senate, executive council, Service Commission, Academic Council, Council for Policy, planning and finance, the establishment of a new constituent college, approval of O & M document etc. have been made to pursue the mission of development of the university. Simultaneously, five academic programs of undergraduate level and one of postgraduate level under the faculty of Science & Technology, Faculty of Management, and Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, have been launched and run providing education to about 200 students. Masses have to be done and so many challenges are there, but the RJU stands for the can-do spirit with responsibility and integrity.