Rajarshi Janak University is dedicated to promoting academic excellence and accessibility, and its scholarship programs reflect this commitment. These scholarships are designed to recognize and support outstanding students, providing them with opportunities to pursue their education without financial constraints.

Scholarships Sources

University Scholarships

as per Government Rules

RJU aligns its scholarship programs with government regulations to ensure inclusivity and adherence to national standards. These scholarships, governed by official guidelines, aim to support deserving students based on merit and need, fostering an environment of accessibility and equality in education.


Generous contributions from philanthropic individuals, organizations, and alumni form a significant source of scholarships at RJU. Donations play a vital role in establishing endowments and special scholarship funds, allowing the university to recognize and reward exceptional talent and achievements among its student body.

Short-Term Scholarships:

RJU offers short-term scholarships, providing a targeted and timely financial boost to students facing specific challenges or pursuing short-duration programs. These scholarships may address immediate needs, ensuring that deserving students can overcome temporary obstacles and continue their academic pursuits without interruption.


Scholarships at Rajarshi Janak University underscore the institution’s commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive educational environment, where financial barriers are minimized, and students are empowered to excel in their academic journeys.

  • You are a full-time student
  • Applicants may need to provide proof of citizenship, residency, or immigration status, depending on the scholarship criteria.
  • You are meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.
  • Typically, applicants are required to provide letters of recommendation from teachers, professors, or other individuals who can attest to their academic abilities and character.
  • Applicants may need to provide proof of citizenship, residency, or immigration status, depending on the scholarship criteria.
  • Some scholarships require applicants to write an essay or personal statement, addressing specific prompts or demonstrating their alignment with the scholarship's values.

Featured Student (Scholarship)

I am deeply thankful for the scholarship from Rajarshi Janak University, which has lightened my financial load and allowed me to focus on my studies and personal growth. This support has opened doors for me, enabling me to pursue my academic passion in [field of study]. I appreciate the university’s commitment to investing in its students, and this scholarship has truly made a significant difference in my educational journey.

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