Prof Dr Yadav has been appointed as Vice Chancellor of Rajarshijanak University

Prof Dr. Amar Prasad Yadav, hailing from Phulbariya-4, Siraha, has assumed the position of Vice Chancellor at Rajarshi Janak University. The appointment was made by the Prime Minister cum Chancellor of Rajarshi Janak University, Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda,’ following the recommendations of the selection committee.

Prof Yadav emerged as one of the three candidates endorsed by the committee, which included Prof Dr. Mahanand Chalise from Ratnanagar-9, Chitwan, and Prof Dr. Kshitiz Upadhyay Dhungel from Janakpurdham, Dhanusha. This recommendation aligns with the ‘Work Procedure on Performance, 2079,’ mandated by the Rajarshi Janak University Act. The appointment of Prof Dr. Amar Prasad Yadav brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the university’s leadership, contributing to its ongoing pursuit of academic excellence.

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