Completion of “Prospectus and Challenges of Legal Education in Madhesh Pradesh” Program by BALLB Students at RJU

Celebrating a successful culmination, the students of BALLB at Rajarshi Janak University, University Campus, have wrapped up the insightful program, “Prospectus and Challenges of Legal Education in Madhesh Pradesh.” This engaging initiative was orchestrated by the legal scholars with enthusiasm and dedication, fostering discussions on the future landscape of legal education in the region.

The program’s completion marks a significant achievement, showcasing the proactive involvement and intellectual prowess of the BALLB students at RJU. We commend their efforts in facilitating a platform for dialogue and exploration within the legal domain. Rajarshi Janak University remains committed to providing such enriching opportunities for students to actively engage in critical discussions that contribute to the advancement of legal education. Well done to the organizers and participants! 📚👏

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