A Collaborative Endeavor : Rajarshi Janak University & U.S. Embassy, Nepal

Rajarshi Janak University recently hosted a pivotal meeting with Mr. Roger Cohen and Mr. Bishwa Raj Gautam, officers from the U.S. Embassy’s Regional English Language Office (RELO). Joined by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Amar Prasad Yadav and Registrar Assoc. Prof. Satya Narayan Sah, the discussion revolved around joint programs between the university and the U.S. Embassy in Nepal.

This meeting marked the beginning of an exciting collaboration focused on academic enrichment and cultural exchange. Discussions explored diverse programs encompassing language workshops, cultural exchanges, research initiatives, and student engagements.

Shared Vision:
Rajarshi Janak University and the U.S. Embassy aim to create an environment fostering innovation and learning. This partnership seeks to empower students and faculty by providing transformative experiences and global perspectives.

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