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If you’re an educational professional who are looking to progress into management and consultancy, or an educational planning or development role, this is the best degree for you.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Program Objectives

The MBA of RJU is a career oriented academic program. The primary aim of this program is to provide postgraduate level knowledge, understanding, and skills that prepare students for their career in business and management. The MBA program is designed for early career professionals seeking to either extend their knowledge and capabilities into managerial roles, or to change careers into a new field of business. The MBA program specifically aims at:

  • Imparting a strong theoretical foundation in business concepts;
  • Providing practical opportunities (via attachments, group assignments and individual  projects) to test what students learn in the class;
  • Building hard-skills in the areas of management and leadership;
  • Polishing a range of soft-skills like communication, motivation and negotiation; and
  • Enabling MBA students to start an independent business venture after graduating.

Curricular Structure

The MBA program is split into four semesters. The courses comprise 60 credits, made up of foundation, core, specialization and elective courses. The program is designed in such a manner that the skills of the students can be developed in a gradual manner. In the first semester, basic ideas about the foundation courses are given. Students are exposed to all the functional areas of business in the second semester. In the next two semesters, emphasis is given on capstone, elective and specialization courses. In addition to foundational, core and specialization courses, students have the opportunity to select elective courses, allowing for deeper exploration and understanding of the sectoral management concepts, issues and practices.

The MBA students are required to complete 60 credit hours courses. They are required to complete 5 foundation and analytical tool courses (14 credits), 10 core and functional courses (27 credits), 3 specialization courses (9 credits), 2 electives (4 credits), graduate research project (3 credits), and attachment assignment (3 credits).



Foundation, Core and Capstone Courses


STT 511          Managerial Statistics                                                                                    3

ECO 521          Managerial Economics                                                                                 3

MGT 505   Business Communication                                                                                   3

MIS 555     Management Information System                                                                     3

MGT 511   Contemporary Management Concepts                                                              2

ACC 513         Cost and Managerial Accounting                                                                   3

MGT 535   Organizational Behaviour                                                                                    2

RES 611          Business Research Methodology                                                                   2

MGT 545         Corporate Responsibility and Governance                                                 2

FIN 541          Financial Management                                                                                    3

               MKT 551         Marketing Management                                                                   2

MGT533    Human Resource Management                                                                          2

MGT536    Strategic Operations Management                                                                    2

MIS 556          E-Business                                                                                                          2

MGT 534         International Business                                                                                    2

ENT 661          Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Building                                             2

MGT 621         Business Environment and Strategic Management                                     3

Specialization Courses

(Any three courses selected from any one of the following functional areas)


FIN 641  Investment Analysis                                                                                              3

FIN 642  Security Analysis and Portfolio Management                                                 3

FIN 643  Financial Institutions and Markets                                                                  3

    FIN 644  Commercial Bank Management                                                                     3

    FIN 646  Marketing of Financial Services                                                                     3

    FIN 647  E-Finance                                                                                                            3

    FIN 648  Financial Modeling                                                                                           3

   FIN 649  Financial Derivatives                                                                                         3




MKT 651  Consumer Behaviour                                                                                   3

MKT 652  Advertising and Sales Promotion                                                             3

MKT 653  Services Marketing                                                                                      3

MKT 654  Retail Management                                                                                      3

MKT 655  Digital and Social Media Marketing                                                          3

MKT 656  E-Marketing                                                                                                   3

MKT 657  Product and Brand Management                                                              3

MKT 658  Customer Relationship Management                                                      3



Small Business and Entrepreneurship

ENT 662  Small Business Management                                                                        3

ENT 663  Entrepreneurial and Small Business Finance                                            3

ENT 664  Rural Marketing                                                                                               3

ENT 665 Micro-finance and Rural Entrepreneurship                                                3

ENT 666  Social Entrepreneurship                                                                                3

ENT 667  Venture Opportunity Analysis                                                                     3

Human Resource Management

MGT 631  Labour Relations Management                                                                    3

MGT 632  Compensation Management                                                                        3

MGT 633  Human Resource Development                                                                   3

MGT 634  Performance Management                                                                           3

MGT 635  Conflict Management and Negotiation                                                       3

MGT 636   Organizational Change and Development                                                  3

MGT 637   Strategic Human Resource Management                                                   3


Information Technology Management


ICT 641  Data Management System                                                                             3

ICT 642  IT Risk Management                                                                                     3

ICT 643  Data Privacy and Security                                                                            3

ICT 644  Cloud Computing                                                                                          3

ICT 645  Enterprise Resource Planning System                                                      3

ICT 646  Technology, Data and Analytics as Change Agents                                3

ICT 647  Decision Modeling and Information Systems                                          3

ICT 648   Management of Technology                                                                        3



Elective Courses

(Any two of the following courses)

MGT 637   Agri-business Management                                                                        2

MGT 638   Tourism and Hospitality Management                                                    2

MGT 639   Management of Sustainable Rural Development                                   2

MKT 659   Cross-Border Trade Management                                                              2

FIN  649    Management of Cooperatives                                                                     2

ACC 630   Business Tax Planning                                                                                  2

MGT683   Project Management                                                                                      2

FIN  650   Bank Operations and Management                                                             2

MGT681   Real Estate Management                                                                                2

MGT 682  Service Sector Management                                                                           2



Attachment (Internship) Program


The attachment program provides students with an opportunity to gain real-life experience by working in a business organization for a period of eight to ten weeks. Students shall be required to present the Attachment Project Report (APR) in the prescribed format. The evaluation of the APR shall be based on confidential report of the host organization (40 percent) and presentation of the APR in a seminar (60 percent). The APR will be evaluated by internal and external examiners appointed by the Dean.




Students shall be required to undertake independent capstone project that involve fieldwork and empirical analysis of the information collected from the field. Students are also required to prepare a dissertation report on a prescribed format. Students shall be required to attend the viva-voce examination. The weightage given for viva and the research report will be 25% and 75% respectively. For the evaluation of the research report, the Dean of the Faculty shall appoint internal and external examiners.


Eligibility and Admission Procedures


Students with a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university are eligible to apply for admission. The admission decisions for the MBA will be based on a combination of undergraduate grade point average, academic transcripts, entrance exam scores, essays, and personal interviews.


The list of selected candidates for admission, including a waiting list, along with the date and time of admission shall be notified in the University Notice Board and the selected candidates will be intimated individually by e-mail or telephone.


In the matter of admission to the MBA program, the decision of the Admission Committee is final.


Maximum Duration of the Program


Each semester shall normally consist of 90 working days or 450 hours. A student is ordinarily expected to complete the MBA program in four semesters. However a student may complete the program at a slower pace by taking more time but in any case not more than 8 semesters. The student must complete all the course requirements within four years from date of initial enrollment in the MBA program.


Assessment and Grading


The student’s performance in each course, in general, is evaluated based on in-semester continuous assessment (internal assessment) and end-semester examination. An in-semester continuous assessment (also known as internal assessment) is spread through the duration of the course and is done by the teacher teaching the course.


Based on the aggregate of marks obtained through internal assessment and external assessment, each student is awarded a final letter grade at the end of the semester, in each course.


End Semester Examination


There will be an end semester examination for three hours duration in a 2 credit hour course and four hours duration in a 3 credit hours course.


Eligibility for Award of the MBA Degree


A student shall be declared to be eligible for the award the MBA Degree if he/she has


  • Satisfactorily completing all the course requirements.


  • Successfully completing the courses and projects as per the curriculum and obtaining an aggregate of 3 CGPA.


  • Successfully acquiring the required credits as specified in the curriculum corresponding to the area of his/her study within the stipulated time duration.


Course Cycle


Code No. Subjects Credit Hours
MGT505 Business Communication 3
MGT511 Contemporary Management Concepts 2
MGT535 Organizational Behaviour 2
STT511 Managerial Statistics 3
MKT551 Marketing Management 2
ECO521 Managerial Economics 3
  Total Credit Hours 15
Code No. Subjects Credit Hours
ACC513 Cost and managerial Accounting 3
MIS555 Management Information System 3
FIN541 Financial Management 3
MGT534 International Business 2
MGT533 Human Resources Management 2
  Elective-I 2
  Total Credit Hours 15
Code No. Subjects Credit Hours
RES611 Business Research Methodology 2
MGT536 Strategic Operations Management 2
MIS556 E-Business 2
  Specialization-I 3
  Elective-II 2
ENT661 Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Building 2
MGT 590 Attachment 3
  Total Credit Hours 16
Code No. Subjects Credit Hours
MGT621 Business Environment and strategic Management 3
MGT545 Corporate Responsibility and Governance 2
  Specialization- II 3
  Specialization-III 3
MGT 619 Dissertation 3
  Total Credit Hours 14
  Sum of Total Credit Hours 60

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